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VOLTS Trading & Contracting has the resources, equipment, people, experience, knowledge and sense of timeliness to undertake the most challenging projects and bring them to life, fully complied with quality, safety, health and environmental care. We are committed to:

  • Provide our customers with high quality products and services in a timely manner conforming to the Project specifications and standard requirements.
  • Take care of people (employees, clients,stakeholders) by avoiding accidents, health risks and strive for continuous improvement of the health and safe working conditions.
  • Maintain a safe, secure, and respectful working environment for all, to minimize our environmental footprint wherever we operate.
  • Being ready to respond to quickly and effectively
  • Communicate in a transparent way with stakeholders.
  • Provide continual training to our employees, so that they remain motivated and acquainted with the developments in technology and fully aware of their role in integrated management system.
  • Comply with all applicable statutory & regulatory laws and other requirements while fulfilling and continually improving the performance of integrated management system, based on QHSE ISO Standards
  • Continuous monitoring and review of the business process whenever necessary and enhancing in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Encourage our partners and subcontractors to act in quality, health, safety and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Eliminate hazards to reduce occupational health and safety risk for the protection of employees and safe guarding of property.
  • Encourage the workers to participate in the attainment of incident free work environment.
  • Strive towards the protection of environment, prevention of pollutions, systematic reduction in waste generation and overall sustainable development.
  • Set and achieve challenging objectives, targets, appropriate practices and suitable technologies to monitor, control and minimize impact on occupational Health, Safety and Environment.