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In December 2017, OPWP announced a tender for a 500 MW solar PV project to be located at Ibri. This is the first in a series of Oman renewable energy (ORE) IPP tenders that are planned to achieve the Government’s target of 10% ORE share of electricity generation by 2025. OPWP’s renewable energy development plan currently comprises solar, wind, and waste-to-energy (WTE) projects. OPWP plans to procure more than 2,600 MW of RE IPPs by 2025.

summarizes the plan through 2024, excluding projects in Dhofar. The majority of these projects are expected to be located in the MIS and further south around Duqm, with their main market for generation in the MIS.8 the locations and type of ORE projects will depend somewhat on approval of transmission projects and site allocations. OPWP expects to adapt the RE development plan as site acquisition and transmission development are approved and confirmed.

Oman Renewable Energy Development Plan – MIS/Duqm