Health, Safety & Environment

The Safety of our workforce is the most important aspect of our business, no exception.

VOLTS aims to stay at the fore front of the industry and have adopted and developed HSE policies and management practices that sees the quality control of every task.

VOLTS is committed to ensuring that our operations are conducted with zero harm to all people and the environment and the quality of our products and services are upheld and consistently maintained. Our HSE Culture “The greatest responsibility of a leader is to give the people in your span of care grounded sense of hope for the future.

We empower our people to:

  • Intervene when they witness any at-risk behaviour Lead by example
  • Identify and manage hazards associated with the activities for which they are
  • Courageously and honesty report all accidents and
  • Take the time to do things right; do the job safely or not at all-do not cut corners